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Happy Birthday Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!!

2 May

I wanted to celebrate Hollywood Studios Birthday with a look at a few of my favorite details and memories from around the park.

It is a day late, but not a dollar short…


Also a HUGE thank you goes to Betsy for the music in the video!!! 🙂

Rides with Friends – A First Ride with Zoe

26 Apr

The thing that I was the MOST excited about when we decided to move to Orlando was not having to endure a few months or even a year of waiting for Zoe’s next Disney Milestone. She got her first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop, she rode The Barnstormer as her first roller coaster, and learned that fairy tales come true when she met the Fairy Godmother as her first character experience.

And while Zoe is a lover of all the mountains (Space, Thunder, and Splash), there was one thrill that she still had on her list (that she is tall enough to ride)…The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

So after months of debating, she finally agreed to ride The Tower of Terror!

We walked the cue in silence sharing quick glances, waiting for her to chicken out. Then as we walked through the lobby, we realized that it was really going to happen we all got nervously excited. As the preshow “movie”, as Zoe called it, ended she led us to the elevators. After being strapped in, she took a death grip on both mine and Dave’s hands…and the rest is history!

I have to thank Shalon (@shalongiven) for videoing this special moment for us!!!

I hope that you all enjoy sharing the terror and joy that was Zoe’s first ride on Tower of Terror!!!

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