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Today’s Walk Around EPCOT

3 Feb

Another Week…another walk around EPCOT.

There is a lot going on….So let’s get to it…

One of these things is STILL not like the other...

Tell me which looks better...One

Or Two? I can't believe that they haven't painted this side yet.

Still lots of work going on in front of Fountain of Nations

Lots of Wall!

The backside of the Fountain wall

You can also get a good look at all the different colors of concrete that are in the area now,

The Whirlygigs are still...well still.

Is something missing?

I think I like the little green box!!! šŸ™‚

The Character Spot entrance is still behind walls, too.

A closer look at the concrete work going on.

Genie and Marie were meeting and greeting sans handlers near Club Cool.

Then I headed into World Showcase. And while you can tell that efforts are ramping up in preparation for Flower and Garden, there is a lot of action going on in China these days…

The Duffy location in China has been moved while Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store is being refurbished.

Walled off Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store.

And the entrance to the Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store.

The Duffy spot is now located in the Tomb Warriors exhibit near the Temple.

And in all seriousness, what would a walk around EPCOT be without a peek at some new merchandise?!?!?!?

2011 St. Patrick's Day Ears

Be still my beating heart! A new Duffy outfit!!!

And the kids will all love the new Duffy Spinner!!!

And to offset all the Duffy hate, I thought I would share with you my favorite spot in ALL of EPCOT….

But my favorite spot in all of EPCOT, will always be this!


St.Patrick’s Day Duffy!!!

27 Jan




This one is a special shout out to all you Duffy fans…

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