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UPDATED: 2011 Halloween Merchandise!!!!

1 Sep

I have to say that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, and I am really excited about the new Halloween Merchandise Offerings!

They seem to be a little more on the ‘scary’ side this year, but they are still fun through and through!

I hope that you enjoy the 2011 Halloween Merchandise offerings as much as I do!

Continuing with my Mickey Ear obsession, I take a look at the Pumpkin Ears! Soooo adorable!!!

The pumpkin stem detail is cute!!!

The Minnie witch ears are my absolute favorite!!!!

I love how they changed the bow this year!!!

FrankenMickey Ears!!!!

I bolt details are awesome!!!

These bad boys light up, and are pretty stinking cool!

Mickey Ears Headband with a Pumpkin Witch on top.

Mickey Ears Witch Headband that lights up! I love the spider that dangles at the top!

A look at the 2011 Halloween Banner

The spooky 2011 Halloween Reusable Bag

2011 Halloween Reusable Bag

A few of the Home Decor offerings! I love the Halloween Trees!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHIRT!!!! This is the front of the Women's Halloween shirt.

The back of the Women's Halloween Shirt

Close up of the Men's Halloween shirt

Another close up of the Men's Halloween shirt.

A close up of the glow in the dark kid's Halloween shirt.

Minnie is my favorite!!!

Halloween Pins

Halloween Lanyards

I like how the Mickey pumpkin topper is a little creepy this year.

The Mickey ghost antenna topper is an oldie but goodie.

I really loved this Minnie Mouse bracelet!

Halloween Pens!!!

I know that these aren't really Halloween-y...but I thought that you might like to see them.

The Tinkerbell little hat.

The back of the Tinker Bell Hat.

The Cheshire Cat little hat.

The back of the Cheshire Cat little hat.

The Mad Hatter little hat.

This is the side of the Mad Hatter little hat...this one definitely has the most detail!

The back of the Mad Hatter little hat.


This morning I went by World of Disney at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, and found a few more items that I would like to share with you!

These tea light holders are pretty cool!!!

Mugs Mugs Mugs Mugs

Halloween Treats!!!

A Haunted Mansion of your own!

Crazy Mickey...I know that I already tweeted a picture of this, but I couldn't resist!!!

Popcorn...get your popcorn!!!

Again, I know I tweeted a picture...but it's Halloween Duffy!!!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Merchandise

9 May

If you are anything like me, you are counting down the days until Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opens on May 20th!

I was stoked to find all sorts of new merchandise for POTC 4 at Mouse Gears the other day.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite items. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!!!

Special Edition Mouse Ears that include a special box to keep them in and pin.

The back of the POTC 4 Special Edition Ears.

The top of the box for the POTC 4 Ears.

The pin included with the POTC 4 Ears.

I thought this shirt was pretty funny!

This might be my favorite shirt!!!

A look at another one of the men's shirts...

Pirates & Pink? Yes, please!!!

Here's a peek at some of the Legos and action figures.

UPDATED!!! The maps at Magic Kingdom now feature Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

Duffy Ears!!!!

28 Mar

Ever on the quest for crazy ears, I was stoked to find these guys with the help of Christa (@WinnieCooper86)!!!!






Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Touch of Disney

12 Feb

I will admit it…I love to hate Valentine’s Day!

It is one of my favorite holidays, and it is my first Valentine’s Day in Orlando so I was super excited to see these super cute things at Magic Kingdom the other day!!!

These antenna toppers are so super cute!!!

I love this display at the Confectionery!!! The Pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie's are super adorable!

Now this is my kind of bouquet...

Bolt and a box of funny Princess hearts! I love these new candy boxes!

This was a cute little tea set!!! It has Wonderland Tea, rock candy stirrers, and cookies.

Yes please...I might have a problem!!!

I absolutely love the fact that these have Jessica Rabbit on them!!!

What a cute frame!!!

This is my favorite Valentine's Day pin!

The Art of SHAG comes to Walt Disney World

31 Jan

When I read on the Disney Parks Blog that Josh Agle, better known as SHAG, would be visiting the Walt Disney World Resort for the first time to sign deluxe prints of the 40th Anniversary Map I knew that I had to be there!

I got to Uptown Jewelers at around 10:00 am and found myself sixth in line to purchase the print to be signed by SHAG.  It was really exciting!

I wanted to take this bad boy home with me!!!

The confectionery was sending over samples of goodies, and some of the citizens of Main Street USA came by to offer a visit. The wait was made to be enjoyable thanks to the humor of Fire Chief Smokey Miller…

At 11:00 am we were able to buy our items to be signed. There were prints, Haunted Mansion decanters and glasses, and Haunted Mansion aluminum water bottles available.

Then it was time…but just as SHAG was about to begin signing the good Fire Chief had a surprise! He joined the Dapper Dans in a serenade of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” for SHAG!

The Print itself features the icons and resorts that were present as Walt Disney World opened 40 years ago. From the Polynesian to water skiing to the sky buckets…it’s all there!!!! And to top it off, he was a super cool guy who graciously signed and spent time with each of us.

It was definitely an experience that I won’t soon forget!!!

St.Patrick’s Day Duffy!!!

27 Jan




This one is a special shout out to all you Duffy fans…

Happy New Year!!!!

1 Jan


Happy New Year!!!

I thought I would kick off the year with a look at the 2011 merchandise.

I really love the design and colors! It is nice contrast to the retro colors & styles offered in the 40th Anniversary items. The Viynlmations are super cute, too!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures and that 2011 is an amazing year!!!!!

Precious Moments Doll Kiosk at EPCOT

3 Dec

There is a new Precious Moments doll kiosk set up in EPCOT which is located right outside of The American Adventure in World Showcase.

(Can you tell that I have shopping on the brain???)

While I have seen the little figurines before, I have never seen the dolls in person! They are sooo cute!!!

The individual dolls are $40 each (except for Ariel in her shell which is $36), and come in their “normal” outfits and in “Enchanted” outfits that are more festive for the holidays.

Tiana, Snow White, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan where my favorites!!!!

Also available are two sets of dolls. The first is a holiday set of a girl and boy doll wearing Ear Hats with a Christmas tree that comes in a red satin Mickey shaped box for $75.  But there is a green velvet shaped box reading “2nd Star to the Right” that contains Peter, Wendy, and Tink dolls, also $75, that stole my heart!!!

I was a little worried about finding doll stands for them, but the kiosk has the individual doll stands for $4.

I’m not sure which one of these (and if it will be only one) that I’ll get for Zoe, but I can’t wait to go back and take another look to decide!


Holiday Hats at Walt Disney World!

25 Nov


While you are getting ready to go out shopping on Black Friday, you might want to take a look at these beauties to help get you in the Christmas spirit as you prepare to sprint for your Holiday gifts!!! 🙂

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