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2011 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Exclusive Merchandise

17 Sep

One perk of attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is that you can purchase special 2011 edition event merchandise at specific locations throughout the Magic Kingdom.

Visit the following locations in the Magic Kingdom® Park for special 2011 edition event merchandise

Emporium, Main Street, U.S.A

Pirates Bazaar, Adventureland

Frontierland Trading Post, Frontierland

Haunted Mansion Cart, Liberty Square

Heritage House, Liberty Square

Fantasy Faire, Fantasyland

Mickey’s Star Traders, Tomorrowland

** Event Merchandise available at the above locations based on availablity.**

**Please see a Merchandise Cast Member for details**

This year’s Limited Edition pin selections offer a little something for everyone, and cost between $10.95 and $12.95.

This set of Scarecrow Pins costs $44.95.

This is the entire set of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Pins, and it is $124.95

This is the framed pin set, and it is actually super cool!

They also were offering two t-shirts this year, with the same design for adults and children that glow in the dark and are candy scented!

These aren’t Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party exclusives, they are still AWESOME!!!!

This is what I call $12.00 well spent!!!

This guy lights up, and can possibly hold 3 pieces of popcorn! Plus it has an extra added bonus...

It projects this light out of the bottom!!! AWESOME!!!


Sweet Halloween Treats At Goofy’s Candy Company!

15 Sep

While I am working on tomorrow’s post, I thought that I would take a moment to share some pictures of the sweet Halloween treats that are available at Goofy’s Candy Company at the Downtown Disney Marketplace!

Can you tell that I love Halloween Merchandise???

I hope that you enjoy and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for more sweet treats!!! 🙂

These Halloween Goodies are almost too cute to eat!!!


Minnie Witch Apple


Jack Apple


Mickey Jack-O-Lantern Apple


I am in LOVE with these Mickey Ghost Marshmallows!!!


The Halloween Cookies are Zoe's favorite treat!!!

UPDATED: 2011 Halloween Merchandise!!!!

1 Sep

I have to say that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, and I am really excited about the new Halloween Merchandise Offerings!

They seem to be a little more on the ‘scary’ side this year, but they are still fun through and through!

I hope that you enjoy the 2011 Halloween Merchandise offerings as much as I do!

Continuing with my Mickey Ear obsession, I take a look at the Pumpkin Ears! Soooo adorable!!!

The pumpkin stem detail is cute!!!

The Minnie witch ears are my absolute favorite!!!!

I love how they changed the bow this year!!!

FrankenMickey Ears!!!!

I bolt details are awesome!!!

These bad boys light up, and are pretty stinking cool!

Mickey Ears Headband with a Pumpkin Witch on top.

Mickey Ears Witch Headband that lights up! I love the spider that dangles at the top!

A look at the 2011 Halloween Banner

The spooky 2011 Halloween Reusable Bag

2011 Halloween Reusable Bag

A few of the Home Decor offerings! I love the Halloween Trees!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHIRT!!!! This is the front of the Women's Halloween shirt.

The back of the Women's Halloween Shirt

Close up of the Men's Halloween shirt

Another close up of the Men's Halloween shirt.

A close up of the glow in the dark kid's Halloween shirt.

Minnie is my favorite!!!

Halloween Pins

Halloween Lanyards

I like how the Mickey pumpkin topper is a little creepy this year.

The Mickey ghost antenna topper is an oldie but goodie.

I really loved this Minnie Mouse bracelet!

Halloween Pens!!!

I know that these aren't really Halloween-y...but I thought that you might like to see them.

The Tinkerbell little hat.

The back of the Tinker Bell Hat.

The Cheshire Cat little hat.

The back of the Cheshire Cat little hat.

The Mad Hatter little hat.

This is the side of the Mad Hatter little hat...this one definitely has the most detail!

The back of the Mad Hatter little hat.


This morning I went by World of Disney at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, and found a few more items that I would like to share with you!

These tea light holders are pretty cool!!!

Mugs Mugs Mugs Mugs

Halloween Treats!!!

A Haunted Mansion of your own!

Crazy Mickey...I know that I already tweeted a picture of this, but I couldn't resist!!!

Popcorn...get your popcorn!!!

Again, I know I tweeted a picture...but it's Halloween Duffy!!!!!

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