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IBM Centennial Celebration in Innoventions

6 Sep

IBM is celebrating their Centennial Anniversary by showcasing their history and contributions in Innoventions.

Paul Lasewicz, IBM archivist, is sharing his knowledge and showing some of the products that have made them famous over the last 100 years.

The 20 minute presentation is full of information and facts. As a bit of a history buff, it was really interesting learning about their roles in early census tabulations and the creation of the Social Security Administration. I also learned that I need to type 216 words a minute to break the world record…guess I can mark that off the bucket list.

I know I probably sounds like a huge dork right now. But what started off as a way to dodge the rain, turned into a really fun hour.

Paul and his presentation are here until tomorrow, and take place every hour from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Hidden Gems: Making Earth Day Everyday in Innoventions

24 May

It is really easy to walk by, and goodness knows that I had done it many times,  but you really should stop by Innoventions East and try your hand at making Everyday Earth Day by creating paper!

Some fun environmental facts are on display around the area.

The first step was to scoop up the cellulose with a strainer.

Once the cellulose was placed into a form, it was dunked into another water bath.

As the form was lifted out of the bath, you could see the paper taking shape.

Zoe after she moved her form over to the rolling area.

Getting closer... The vacuum really helped start the drying process.

And now to roll out as much of the leftover water as you can from the 'paper'. Zoe was able to do this part all by herself!!!

And the paper was really starting to take it's shape! It was super soggy at first, but she was able to peel it off of the drying area and ready to be dried some more in an oven for a few minutes.

Zoe and her paper!!! She was soooo proud of all of her hard work!!! 🙂

And now the best part….DECORATING!!!!!

And now a look at the finished product!!!

The whole process did take about 20 minutes, but it was a great break from the heat and the hustle & bustle of a day in Epcot!!!

Wordless Wednesday – We all have this picture & love it!!!

18 May

New Figment Game in Imageworks!!!

4 Feb

Last week I tweeted out a picture of the opening of some computer stations in Imageworks, so I returned yesterday to find that they had opened more stations.

There is still a large area walled off where the Kodak demonstration area was located at the exit of the ride.

A look at the computer station area...

At each computer station, you have the opportunity to “Compose Your Own Figment” who can either be a boy or a girl.

Here is what it looks like if you choose the “Boy” Figment without emailing it home…

And here is what it looks like if you choose the “Girl” Figment with the email home option…

I thought that it was a super cute addition to the games that are still in Imageworks, but I thought that getting to make Figment a boy or a girl was a little odd.

What do you think?

Today’s Walk Around EPCOT

3 Feb

Another Week…another walk around EPCOT.

There is a lot going on….So let’s get to it…

One of these things is STILL not like the other...

Tell me which looks better...One

Or Two? I can't believe that they haven't painted this side yet.

Still lots of work going on in front of Fountain of Nations

Lots of Wall!

The backside of the Fountain wall

You can also get a good look at all the different colors of concrete that are in the area now,

The Whirlygigs are still...well still.

Is something missing?

I think I like the little green box!!! 🙂

The Character Spot entrance is still behind walls, too.

A closer look at the concrete work going on.

Genie and Marie were meeting and greeting sans handlers near Club Cool.

Then I headed into World Showcase. And while you can tell that efforts are ramping up in preparation for Flower and Garden, there is a lot of action going on in China these days…

The Duffy location in China has been moved while Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store is being refurbished.

Walled off Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store.

And the entrance to the Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store.

The Duffy spot is now located in the Tomb Warriors exhibit near the Temple.

And in all seriousness, what would a walk around EPCOT be without a peek at some new merchandise?!?!?!?

2011 St. Patrick's Day Ears

Be still my beating heart! A new Duffy outfit!!!

And the kids will all love the new Duffy Spinner!!!

And to offset all the Duffy hate, I thought I would share with you my favorite spot in ALL of EPCOT….

But my favorite spot in all of EPCOT, will always be this!

A Quick Walk Around EPCOT’s Future World…

27 Jan

With all the hubbub around the activity in EPCOT’s Future World, I decided to scoot over and take some pictures.



These bad boys are hanging from all the lamp posts near EPCOT's entrances.


And this guy was over the turnstile. I love em!!!


One of these things is not like the other...


The repainted leg...


The not-so-painted leg.


There is a lot of work going on here!!!


I am totally not a fan of the whirlygigs, and I was super excited to see them stopped!


The front of the Fountain of Nations is all walled off.


A closer look at the wall.


The entrance to the Character Spot is closed, but the Character Spot itself is still open for business.


The entrance for the Character Spot is now located near Club Cool.


More concrete work...


The smaller whirlygigs are still moving...boo!


The birds are still talking, but there is no water or waves. It is pretty sad...


Again the smaller whirlygigs are moving...still boo!


I love the 40 retro merch!!! This is part 1 of Mousegear's window display.


Part 2 of the 40th Anniversary Mousegear Window. I MUST have that cute plaid skirt!!!


Look who I found at the kiosk near Captain EO!!!!!




Ringing in 2011 in Epcot

30 Dec

Preparations for New Year’s Eve at Epcot are well under way!

Here are some pictures that I took around World Showcase today….

Kasbah Bar - Morocco

Kasbah Bar - Morocco - Menu


Japan NYE

Japan NYE - Drink and Food Menu

Stage in Italy

Holiday Brewer's Collection - Germany

Holiday Brewer's Collection - Germany - Menu

Stage in China - Pic 1

Stage in China - Pic 2

China NYE - Bar

Mexico NYE - Beverage Cart

Mexico NYE - Beverage Cart - Menu

Precious Moments Doll Kiosk at EPCOT

3 Dec

There is a new Precious Moments doll kiosk set up in EPCOT which is located right outside of The American Adventure in World Showcase.

(Can you tell that I have shopping on the brain???)

While I have seen the little figurines before, I have never seen the dolls in person! They are sooo cute!!!

The individual dolls are $40 each (except for Ariel in her shell which is $36), and come in their “normal” outfits and in “Enchanted” outfits that are more festive for the holidays.

Tiana, Snow White, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan where my favorites!!!!

Also available are two sets of dolls. The first is a holiday set of a girl and boy doll wearing Ear Hats with a Christmas tree that comes in a red satin Mickey shaped box for $75.  But there is a green velvet shaped box reading “2nd Star to the Right” that contains Peter, Wendy, and Tink dolls, also $75, that stole my heart!!!

I was a little worried about finding doll stands for them, but the kiosk has the individual doll stands for $4.

I’m not sure which one of these (and if it will be only one) that I’ll get for Zoe, but I can’t wait to go back and take another look to decide!


“BeadforLife” – Bringing new opportunities near and far

1 Dec

As I was walking through World Showcase in EPCOT yesterday, I stumbled upon a new kiosk at the African Outpost.

Disney has partnered with “BeadforLife”, http://www.beadforlife.org, to give new life to older Walt Disney World Resort Maps, books, and pamphlets while providing job opportunities for women in Uganda.

More info about BeadforLife

The Walt Disney World pamphlets and other outdated materials are sent to Uganda, where the women measure, cut, roll them into beads, and then seal them for extra protection. These beads are then sent back to Florida in the same container, to be strung into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The BEST thing is that you can either purchase a piece of jewelry that has already been assembled or you can design your own there on the spot!!!

They really are beautiful!!!

They are also really reasonable!!!

The price list

I can’t wait to design my own necklace!!!

A look at one of the necklaces!

See ya later!

4 Nov

So I posted this pic earlier on Twitter (from @shelleycaran)…

Imagination! Sign

And while usually change is a good thing, when it comes to the Imagination Pavilion change makes me feel like Forest Gump. You never know what you are going to get, especially when it comes to the future of an unsponsored pavilion. *coughwondersoflifecough*

My first trip to EPCOT Center was in 1986. The Imagination Pavilion was AMAZING! The ride was captivating, and I remember wanting to ride it over and over again! It was an experience, and then when you went upstairs you really got to explore and connect with the subject at hand…Imagination.

Fast forward to today, and you have a tired ride that has no staying power. Besides the cuteness of Figment, which no one can deny, I find that my take away is bleak. Rather than exploring what Imagination is and can be we get shown how much imagination is fought, misunderstood, and held captive at times.

Kodak’s exit after 28 years of sponsorship is bittersweet, but with their departure I find hope that one day we’ll be “Makin Memories” and find the “One Little Spark” we have all been hoping for!

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