About Me

I moved to Celebration, Florida a little over a year ago, but I have had a passion for Disney World since my first visit in 1986.

I am a wife, professed “Stay-at-home Mom, who never seems to stay at home”, crazy Virginia Tech Fan, shop-a-holic, Hello Kitty fanatic (Chococat is my favorite), sushi lover, WWE watcher, and purse addict.

I love to take pictures of what I see, talk about my adventures, and what is important to know as you are on the go in Orlando.

I am super excited about sharing what I find as I am on the go in MCO!


I welcome opportunities for product reviews, giveaways, sponsorships and other promotions based on companies and products that would be beneficial or of interest to our readers. I am open to travel opportunities as well as advertising. Onthegoinmco.com adheres to full disclosure and FTC guidelines.

Requests for reviews, promotions, guest writing, or site statistics may be directed to shelley@onthegoinmco.com.


I am not employed by or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries – The posts here are of my own opinion and do not represent the position or opinion of the Walt Disney Company.

For official Disney information and news visit http://www.disney.com or their http://www.disneyparks.com.

All Disney characters and images mentioned are ©Disney. All other text, ideas and images are ©Shelley Caran unless noted.

Items provided to Onthegoinmco.com for review will always be clearly noted on the post itself as well as any other terms of sponsorship or payment for reviews.

Any feedback, questions or ideas are welcomed and can be sent by emailing shelley@onthegoinmco.com.


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