Hidden Gems: Making Earth Day Everyday in Innoventions

24 May

It is really easy to walk by, and goodness knows that I had done it many times,  but you really should stop by Innoventions East and try your hand at making Everyday Earth Day by creating paper!

Some fun environmental facts are on display around the area.

The first step was to scoop up the cellulose with a strainer.

Once the cellulose was placed into a form, it was dunked into another water bath.

As the form was lifted out of the bath, you could see the paper taking shape.

Zoe after she moved her form over to the rolling area.

Getting closer... The vacuum really helped start the drying process.

And now to roll out as much of the leftover water as you can from the 'paper'. Zoe was able to do this part all by herself!!!

And the paper was really starting to take it's shape! It was super soggy at first, but she was able to peel it off of the drying area and ready to be dried some more in an oven for a few minutes.

Zoe and her paper!!! She was soooo proud of all of her hard work!!! 🙂

And now the best part….DECORATING!!!!!

And now a look at the finished product!!!

The whole process did take about 20 minutes, but it was a great break from the heat and the hustle & bustle of a day in Epcot!!!


2 Responses to “Hidden Gems: Making Earth Day Everyday in Innoventions”

  1. Lynn (lynnsc08) May 24, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    Zoe is just the cutest thing ever! 🙂

    We love the Innovations activities too. They’re a great break, especially when the weather’s bad or crazy hot.

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