Rides with Friends – One Last Ride on the Barnstormer

17 May

I seriously cannot believe that Mickey’s Toontown Fair closed a little over 3 months ago…

So for today’s ‘Rides With Friends’ I decided to post some pictures and video from our last ride on the Barnstormer.

It was Zoe’s first roller coaster, so it was a super special ride for us. Even though it will be re-themed, we will greatly miss looking for our favorite little details!

As you walked towards the Barnstormer, you knew that this would be no ordinary flight...

A Jelly Jar...what else would it be?

A look at some of the graduates of Fido's Fearless Flight School...

Class is in session...you might want to watch out...

The class schedule

I loved how these chicks would cluck as the Barnstormer went by!

Looks like someone has been hard at work here!

Finally, a look at Goofy in action...and it might not be an encouraging look...

Join us as we take one last flight…

And as an extra surprise, they were giving out these little beauties to everyone who rode on the Barnstormer one last time!


One Response to “Rides with Friends – One Last Ride on the Barnstormer”

  1. Lynn (lynnsc08) May 17, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    I can’t believe Toontown is closed either 😦 Seeing the signs there again last weekend made me so sad. Both of my boys can list Barnstormer as their first coaster. My older son has moved on to bigger and better (Big Thunder Mountain and Everest) but my little one still asks for Barnstormer 😦

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