A Look Around the Newly Refurbished Lego Store at Downtown Disney

29 Apr

The last stop on our week of firsts, is a look at the newly refurbished Lego Store that Opened earlier this week at the Downtown Disney Marketplace.

The store looks amazing!!! They have added several new sculptures around the outside of the building and spruced up the activity tables outside. Also, you’ll notice that they removed the playground area…

I loved this dragon and knight sculpture!!!

A closer look at the bottom of the dragon and knight sculpture...

A look at the dwarf sculpture...

More dwarfs....

And finally Snow White kissing Dopey, which was my favorite of them all!

One of the spruced up tables outside where you could race your Lego cars!!!

The inside of the store also received a MAJOR overhaul!!! There are new cute Lego dioramas, activity areas, and an innovate way to look at what your Lego creation will look like once it’s assembled.

A look at the new check out areas and Lego showroom

Another view of the inside of the store.

In the gaming area you could build and play with you creations on several computer stations.

The second activity area was a large table chocked full of various Lego bricks that could be closed off from the rest of the store.

This is an example of one of the SEVERAL Lego dioramas that are scattered throughout the shelves.

Now this was the absolute coolest addition to the refurbishment…The Digital Box!

After all, You’ve got a friend in me…at the Lego Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Woody & Buzz!!!!


One Response to “A Look Around the Newly Refurbished Lego Store at Downtown Disney”

  1. Lynn (lynnsc08) May 2, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Sounds very cool!! We’ll have to check it out next weekend while we’re there.

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